Mix it up, Be the Hero

Our company has been designing and delivering customizable programming around the world for the past 25 years. From executive coaching to fun holiday celebrations, our team of international facilitators are skilled at it all. See what interests you and let us customize it to your team’s needs.

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Leadership Assessment

Knowledge of the DiSC Styles empowers you to understand yourself, family members, co-workers, and friends in a profound way. Decreases conflicts, misunderstandings, and communication gaps.


High Ropes Challenge Course

The highest-impact team building experience on the market today. FLI's signature program, proven over 25 years, in 40 industries, with 100,000+ clients served.


Holiday Give-Back Events

Why not throw a fun holiday party with a charitable kick-off event? Allow us the pleasure of jumpstarting the party with light team-building, fun activities, and a charitable giving component.


Values Clarification

Values drive our behaviors and act as filters through which we observe the world. Understanding our values leads to increased productivity, improved stress management skills, and a greater sense of well being.


Corporate Survivor

A celebratory, fast-paced team building party exploring competition vs collaboration, resource management, and effective communication under pressure. 


Mini Golf Extravaganza

Mini Golf Charity Classic, an amazing and philanthropic way to give to those in need while having a blast and strengthening your team at the same time. We provide the materials, your team builds the course from materials to donate (food, cans, etc), and then we all compete for a prize.



The simplest, most robust model for understanding people, DiSC offers immediate insights for a happier workplace and more productive employees. Take a deep dive with our certified trainers.


Team Scavenger Hunts

Explore a city or our retreat destination with a custom scavenger hunt powered by a smartphone. You'll earn points as you solve clues and complete challenges.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Develop shared vision, better communication, and wiser use of resources while seeing how your work impacts the world. We connect organizations to maximize the impact and reach your charitable giving.


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Staff retreats offer members of your organization a pause in the ordinary, habitual day-to-day grind so that they may explore new modes of team behavior and organizational culture. Learn and anchor strategies for growth and continued learning. Align around a common vision. Chart your course for the years to come. 

On-Site Programming

This professional development experience provides staff with hands-on orientation in the use of Fulcrum’s System, providing them with the tools to become highly effective team members and change agents within the departments and teams where they work. We’ve led thousands of these with tremendous success.


Conflict Resolution

Resolving conflict is a key part of a manager's role. Do it effectively by taking a positive, courteous and non-confrontational approach. Our staff can speak into several leadership and communication models to support your team in having those difficult conversations and bridging communication gaps between management and staff.