Breuer Conference Center & Lawn, Camp Hess Kramer

Breuer Conference Center & Lawn, Camp Hess Kramer

camp hess kramer is located in malibu right up against the pacific ocean. its 120+ acres can accommodate large groups of up to 400 individuals with campsites, cabins, and hotel-style rooms. on the main recreation field we’ve built a towering 60-foot, 2-sided climbing wall capable of supporting 4 climbers simultaneously.

nearby, in a spot shaded by lush eucalyptus trees lies our malibu high ropes course which features events such as the leap of faith, high wire cross, balancing beam, and giant’s partnership ladder. these activities encourage teambuilding, group communication, and positive interactions. the onsite full-service kitchen staff offers meals ranging from traditional bbq camp fare to health-conscious or gourmet meals according to our clients’ preferences.

course modules offered here:

foundations of leadership
high ropes challenge course

low ropes team building activities
values clarification

behavioral styles
zen archery