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Below you'll find FLI's complete suite of programs for building stronger teams.  Every program is meticulously designed and refined before it earns FLI stamp of approval. That's why we're proud and confident to offer our unbeatable 100% money back guarantee - do a program with us, and if you aren't happy, we will provide a full refund.


Team Building Programs

High Ropes Challenge

The highest-impact team building experience on the market today. FLI's signature program, proven over 15 years, in 40 industries, with 1000+ clients served.


The simplest, most robust model for understanding people, DiSC offers immediate insights for a happier workplace and more productive employees.

Behavioral Styles

Learning your team's behavioral patterns leads to fun, fast bonding and coming together to identify opportunities and make a plan for next steps.

Values Clarification

Values, seen and unseen, drive every decision you make. A fun, active exploration into what motivates you and the people you work with every day.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Develop shared vision, better communication, and wiser use of resources while seeing how your work impacts the world, 

Corporate Survivor

A celebratory, fast-paced team building party exploring competition vs collaboration, resource management, and effective communication under pressure. 


Get leverage on your next 5 years through uninterrupted thinking and reflection in a facilitated program set in a naturally pristine location.

Personal Growth Programs

Equine Therapy

Explore what it takes to communicate effectively and authentically through interacting with nature's greatest BS sensor. An experience for creating safe, transparent relationships

Zen Archery

Understanding the difference between concentration and focus leads to increased productivity, improved stress management skills, and a greater sense of well being.

Final Stone Low Ropes

Greater fulfillment and sense of well-being accompany living in alignment with our core values. A workshop to examine the values that drive us, and to identify course corrections.


Spending time with a real pack of Red Wolves gives insight on how to engage with healthy conflict, use resources well, communicate effectively,  and bring empathy to relationships.